Photo's of Tara Louise Murphy and her Dad Paul R Murphy

Tara and her Dad on her Birthday
Movie World holiday
Movie World Holiday
Movie World Holiday
You on holidays with me and trying to surf at Water World
You with Pennie at Dad and Maree's house in Melbourne
You me and Nanna B
You and your Bratz doll in the Barbie bus
Fancy dress at Dad's house

At the beach with Dad
Swinging from the trees in my backyard

This is a selfie of you when I said to you I didn't have many photo's of you.  You took a selfie for me.  Thanks
Swimming at Rockingham.  Tara you ran straight up the pier and jumped into the deep water.  Man did I panic.
We look the similar and are the same age at school in these photo's
Tara Louise Murphy at Movie World

On the Gold Coast with Dad

At the Zoo near Pinjarra WA
Tara with Dad at Holy Communion
Tara on the Puffing Billy Train

A big Easter haul that year Tara
Tara Murphy with Dad at school

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