Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hi Tara Murphy Daughter of Paul R Murphy

Hi Tara Louise Murphy.
I want you to watch these video's because your future and your happiness depends on it.  

This subject will decide your future relationships with:
  • Your relationships with your friends
  • Your future relationships with your boyfriend and your future husband
  • Your future children
  • Your relationships with work people
In fact this subject will decide your happiness and the love you receive in life.  You won't understand it until you view all 9 videos.  

I have posted this because I want you to be happy, have the best life and I want you to be loved by all.

Watch it on Youtube and watch it on your own.  After you have watched it on your own please decide for yourself if you want to share it with others.

Always remember this Tara...I will never encourage you to distance or cut off any family member or loved one that you care about and none of my family would ever do that either.

Love Dad. xoxoxoxo

Tara Louise Murphy Perth
Tara Murphy Western Australia

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