Monday, 14 March 2016

Hi Tara Louise Murphy | Remember how you love to swim

Just a short note for Tara Louise Murphy to say hello.

I am thinking about things we did when we were together.  I was thinking about the end of summer and how its still hot enough to go swimming in Perth.  Can't really do that here in Melbourne.  I loved how we went swimming at the local pools and if you remember I taught you how to dive head first into the water.

I also remember you loved diving into the deep end once you mastered the diving and you went in over and over again because you loved it so much and you had so much energy then too.  We used to love having a bucket of hot chips and a drink at the end of the day.  Those chips were really good with salt and vinegar.

We tried to teach Kiera how to dive but she was a little nervous.  Maybe she has the hang of it by now.

You were also a great swimmer and I hope you have kept up the swimming (I'm sure you have).

I would like to teach you many other things in life but maybe one day later in life we can talk about it.  Any-way just a short letter today and hopefully you are well and having a good life.

Love Dad

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