Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Tara Murphy-I Hope You Had a Great Christmas

Dear Tara,
I was glad to receive your Christmas present and I am having a coffee right now from your marvellous cup.  I am also looking forward to going to the movies with the gift card as well.

I am not sure if we like the same movies but I have planned to see a sci-fi called the Fifth Wave and I would also like to see Revenent and not to forget Star Wars.  I think you would also like to see these movies.

I hope your new iPhone is working out well for you.  Thanks for sending Kevin a message of thanks. He wanted to give it away because he had two of them and I said can he give it to you.  Its not every day that you can get an opportunity like that.  I did some work for Kevin and he owed me a favour so I want you to know that I also indirectly contributed to the iPhone.

I hope one day soon in the future you will want to come to Melbourne for a holiday to see me and see your relatives as well.  Lisa and I have people staying with us all the time and Lisa's nieces and nephews who are a similar age to you stay very often.  You would like them they are very funny people.  They live in Narooma NSW and stay often.

In six months I will be moving to a new apartment and it has a spare room that you could stay in.  Its very close to the city and you could do lots of shopping and take in the sites and meet Lisa as well. She would love to meet you Tara and you will like her because she is a very funny person.  She says she is even funnier than me and I will have to agree with that.

I want you to know that you are welcome to come over and I will pay for the airfare and your accommodation is free of course so you can come over any time.  You are only 3 hours away on a plane Tara.

The Apartment has an outdoor cinema and its own gym with a lap pool.  Click on the link to see how it will look.   and take a look around the website to see all the features.

I will sign off now but I want you to remember that all the things in our past can be fixed in a short time and you will be happy seeing me again.  We have to speak again Tara and you will realise there is nothing to fear and you will have a good life knowing you can come to Melbourne to see us without feeling unsure about seeing me and the other large family you have in Melbourne.

I also understand you also have family in Perth who you love and need to think of as well. I would not ever encourage you to not see anyone that was important to you but you need to know the other side of your family here in Melbourne as well.  What is the harm in knowing your Father and your other relatives?

You have never been a stranger to us and we should never be strangers to you. That is why your family in Melbourne will never give up on you Tara.  Family are never considered strangers no matter how much time has passed by.

Love you and miss you

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