Wednesday, 4 November 2015

To Tara Murphy. My week end in Cobram

Hi Tara
I have just come back from a great week end away in Cobram.  Its on the Victoria/New South Wales border.  Just having a relax and a bit of a look around.  Lisa and I go to many Opp shops to see if we can find a bargain or two.  There are many good things to pick up in the rural area's of Australia if you look around.

While I was there we experienced a big storm which turned into a mini tornado.  We saw some damage to houses and many trees down.  See picture gallery.

When we are in Cobram we like to go the Murray river and walk around.  Its a very beautiful place with lots of history to see.

One other funny thing that happened to Lisa and I on the weekend is a possum got into Lisa's apartment.   It was a ring tail possum and I had to try and get it out of the house.  It was a bit tricky at first as he didn't seem to want to go but he ended up walking back out the same door he came in.  You can also see the pictures in the photo gallery.

Any-way besides driving around the country side and working I haven't been doing anything else.   It would be great to hear from you Tara and how you are going?  It will be 5 years this New Years Eve since I had heard from you.

Hope to hear from you soon
Love you and miss you

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