Thursday, 17 December 2015

Its Almost Christmas!

Hi Tara
I am just writing a short letter before Christmas to let you know what I have been up to.

As usual in Printing it gets really busy just before Christmas and I have been working many hours.  I know you have probably been busy with your end of school exams and winding down for the holiday break.  I hope you did well at school this year and if I was closer to you I would of course want to help you.

I have been shopping around for presents for Xmas and I had your Xmas gift already sorted when a better gift option for you was offered to me.  I wish I was there when you opened it because I know you are going to love it.

Lisa and I decided to buy another car to share between us.  My old car was up for some big money to be spent on it so we traded it in for a more up to date second hand car.

Peugeot 4008

We are happy with this car and we will be able to travel with a bit more comfort than the small cars we had before.

Lisa and I are going to Narooma for the Xmas break and it would be great if one day you could come along.  You would love it there as there are so many things to do.

Any-way I hope you are well and I will right to you on here again after Christmas.  I hope you have a wonderful Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Love Dad

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Letter Number four to Tara Murphy

Hi Tara
I have titled this letter number four but its only number four on this blog.  I have probably written over one hundred letters large and small to you.  I would love you to reply to any of my letters.  It's been almost five years now.  I am only trying to do my best at making some kind of reconnection with you.

Anyway, let's lighten things up a bit.  I have been working many hours lately and printing is at its busiest time coming up to Christmas.  Sometimes it feels like I just get home and it's time to go to bed and get up for work again.  Maybe that is a sign I need to go on a short holiday to get away and have some rest.

Not long now until Christmas is upon us and all the catching up with family will begin.  I have a busy time this year catching up with family and as you know your Grandfather lives in Rosebud and your Grandmother lives in Geelong and Lisa's parents live about two hours thirty minutes drive away.   So I have to split my travel time up between everyone at Christmas.

As in most cases I am the driver and Lisa and I take Kevin and Luis as they don't drive and I am sure they like to get chauffeur driven everywhere.  Although, Lisa always offers to drive but she can't reach the pedals in my car.  Its not the she is really short because she isn't it just my car seat won't come forward enough for her.

So to cut a long story short...this Christmas I am going to:

  1. Dad's in Rosebud
  2. Mum's in Geelong
  3. Lisa's parents house in Cobram
In between all that I will also be catching up with friends, work Christmas party and Lisa's family have a reunion party every year. 

I have also finally received my Led Zeppelin DVD the you helped pay for.   It took a while and thanks again for sending me the father's day present (Sanity Gift Card)

One other thing I bought recently was a BBQ and I had to put it together myself.   Took two hours but worth it in the end.  See images below.

Anyway I tried to keep this letter short but it got out of hand.

Love you and miss you so much

Thank You for the Father's Day Gift Card I love it.
My new toy. Hope to have some good times on the balcony with friends and family.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

To Tara Murphy. My week end in Cobram

Hi Tara
I have just come back from a great week end away in Cobram.  Its on the Victoria/New South Wales border.  Just having a relax and a bit of a look around.  Lisa and I go to many Opp shops to see if we can find a bargain or two.  There are many good things to pick up in the rural area's of Australia if you look around.

While I was there we experienced a big storm which turned into a mini tornado.  We saw some damage to houses and many trees down.  See picture gallery.

When we are in Cobram we like to go the Murray river and walk around.  Its a very beautiful place with lots of history to see.

One other funny thing that happened to Lisa and I on the weekend is a possum got into Lisa's apartment.   It was a ring tail possum and I had to try and get it out of the house.  It was a bit tricky at first as he didn't seem to want to go but he ended up walking back out the same door he came in.  You can also see the pictures in the photo gallery.

Any-way besides driving around the country side and working I haven't been doing anything else.   It would be great to hear from you Tara and how you are going?  It will be 5 years this New Years Eve since I had heard from you.

Hope to hear from you soon
Love you and miss you

Monday, 26 October 2015

Hi Tara

I hope you are well and happy as can be.

Well it has been quite a while since I have written a letter on here.  I have decided not to write on your Facebook page so this is the best way to write online for now.

I was also thinking about hand written letters but it is a very time consuming way to communicate these days.   I will be able to upload photo's easier this way and you can see them whenever you want.

I hope you are doing well at school and make sure your study hard and get good marks at school.  It is not long now before you need to start thinking about what you want to do for a career.

I went on a family BBQ last week end and it would have been nice for you to be there.  It was a great day at a park close to the beach.  Many of your family members were there and it is time you started to get to know them.

I am still living with your uncle Daniel but in about 10 months I am moving to an apartment which is where I intend to stay for the long term.  I will send you a copy of what it looks like.

Lisa and I are also planning to build a weekend getaway on her family's farm.  You would love to stay on the farm because its very old and has been in the family for many generations.  They have old cars, a quad bike, old wooden wagons and tractors with some old buildings as well.  They have cows on the farm and there are some resident koalas there too.

Always remember that you are welcome here any time you want to come over.

I will upload some photo's on here when I have the time.
Love Dad